Friday, April 15, 2011

Viking Starliner

This is the boat we went to Montauk to look at. Some time this week or next, we'll be bringing it up to Boston. Dad had this boat in Boston for a few years, then it went back to New York for a year. Now he has an opportunity to get again for his business in Boston. She was built in 1963 by Blount in Warren Rhode Island. 97 feet, gross tonnage 99, with a capacity of around 300 people. She has 3 Detroit Diesel engines. I think they are 12-71's but I'm not sure. The center one also runs a bow thruster, which really comes in handy with this boat beacause the old fashioned manual steering is a real bear to handle in a hurry.

I had never been that far out Long Island before. It's a nice place, reminds me of Cape Cod a lot. I'm going to put it on my list of places to go when I have more time to poke around a little.

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