Friday, May 6, 2011

On the downstroke

Over the hump, or as My friend Bill would say, "on the down stroke now". Yesterday we were one week into the hitch with one week to go. We've been back on dredge detail this trip, and that makes for some long watches. There's just something about traveling around the harbor that makes the time go by a little faster. Doing dredge work, at least here in Newark Bay, there's a lot of sitting at the dock waiting for something to happen.

Either there is ship traffic that we need to move a dredge off station, or we need to swap out scows, or help the big boat make up for the dump run. When none of that is going on, it's "stand by to stand by". The deckhands have been doing a little painting, I've been keeping the chahrts and logs up to date, and other than that it's a lot of time for reading and catching up with our friends on thhe other boats at the dock.

No pics for today, we've got a real slow connection so there's no sense aggravating my self trying to put something up.

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