Saturday, January 14, 2012

You live on a boat?

I used to get that question all the time back in high school. Yeah, I live on a boat. This is the Joseph J Luna, a retired Boston fire boat. Dad bought it in '78 and we lived aboard, Mom Dad, four kids, a cat and dog.

As Ma would tell the story, it wasn't the plan, but the summer of '78 wasn't exactly a banner year for A.C. Cruise Line. One boat had a fire, and the other sank, all in the same week, so funds were a little tight and as often happens, temporary measures became shall we say, a little more long term.

So there were six of us on board, and it was a little tight, yeah, but cozy, even comfortable. The lower deck consisted of the galley, the master stateroom, and a head with bath. The galley served as kitchen, office, dining room, and T.V. room. We never knew who might be sitting there when we came in from school: Potential customer, sales people, old family friends......... "Alan, this is so and so." ' Oh, hi - howyadoin?' I'd mumble as I started rummaging through the fridge for something to eat. There was always someone coming or going.

The upper deck had three staterooms and a smaller head with shower. After a while the wheelhouse also got co-opted as a stateroom too. There was heat, and laundry facilities, and all the comforts of home - maybe a little abbreviated -but it was all there.

She served as dad's home after we all grew up and went our own ways. She finally sank a couple of years ago after thirty something years of faithful service.


  1. Even had room for friends to stay over, once the older kids moved out. Always had a heck of a time dogging that galley door. Got more looks from your dad, like whats wrong with this kid LOL.

  2. Oh and my shins!!!

  3. The door, lol I can hear that thing right now like I'm sitting next to it. And the stairs, I don't know how none of us broke a leg falling down that thing.